What is the ShopSafe Promise?


Local independent ShopSafe Promise dealers have pledged to adhere to recommended COVID-19 safeguards designed to make your shopping and delivery experiences as safe, convenient and professional as possible.  

While regulations may vary from state to state, the ShopSafe Promise provides a consistently high level of safety, service and information that you can trust.   

Shopping for Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, Bedding and Outdoor Entertainment has changed.
The ShopSafe Promise Includes
These COVID-19 Recommended Practices and More

For many, today’s shelter-in-place and social distancing policies have led to a new appreciation for friends, families and homes, along with the fellowship, love, and comforts they provide.  As we all adjust to the new normal, more and more of us are enhancing our living spaces with new appliances, electronics, furniture, bedding and outdoor products.


Folks are discovering that, in many cases, the features and capabilities offered have evolved significantly since the last time they purchased.  They’re also discovering that, due to our current health concerns, the shopping experience has changed as well.  

That’s why the ShopSafe Promise was created.   

Socially Distant, Locally Owned.

While we all may be socially distant these days, most ShopSafe Promise businesses are locally owned.   They’re the integral to fabric of the community.  Their customers and staffs are also their friends and neighbors.  Perhaps that’s why they’re so dedicated to the safety of these folks, and why they’ve made the ShopSafe Promise.


As part of this nationwide program, they’ve pledged to provide a clean, safe place to shop, a helpful and healthy team to serve, and the options needed to shopping whatever way that best fits customers’ needs.

  • Employee Health Screenings

  • Employee Face Coverings at All Times

  • Disposable Masks Provided for Shoppers

  • ​Social Distancing Guideline Adherence 

  • ​Surfaces Frequently Cleaned & Disinfected

  • ​Hand Sanitizer/Soap & Water  Access

  • ​Clean Sanitized Delivery Vehices

  • ​Contactless Delivery

  • New Masks, Gloves, Sanitizer for Each Delivery​

  • ​Staff Educated on Respiratory & Hand Hygiene plus Social Distancing Practices

  • Informative Website Provided for At Home Shopping with Delivery or Store Pickup

This program is powered by Nationwide Marketing Group and is made available at no cost to all Independent Appliance, Consumer Electronics, Furniture, Bedding and Outdoor Living dealers nationwide.  Nationwide Marketing Group has been supporting Independents across North America for nearly 50 years.