The ShopSafe Promise

As part of this nationwide program, ShopSafe Promise businesses have pledged to provide a clean, safe place to shop, a helpful and healthy team to serve, and the options needed to shop the way that best fits customers’ needs. Each company has promised to provide the services and protections below.

Safety In Our Store
Safety for Our Customers
Safety for Our Team

We follow the CDC’s Guidance on Cleaning and Disinfecting Facilities and OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.  This includes:  Wearing disposable gloves to clean and disinfect the store. Cleaning surfaces using soap and water, then using disinfectant. Practicing routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces in the store, including cleaning display products and point-of-sale keypads and counters after each use. Using EPA-registered disinfectants per label instructions to ensure safe and effective disinfection, and using CDC recommended bleach solution when such products are not available, per CDC guidance.

We will: Maintain special shopping hours for those at higher risk for COVID-19, health care workers, and first responders. Limit the number of shoppers in the store at any given time to a fraction of our total capacity to allow for social distancing as you shop. Provide disposable masks for you to wear while shopping.  Provide you with access to hand sanitizer while shopping. Provide you with access to soap and water to wash your hands during your visit. Enforce social distancing between groups of shoppers, shoppers and team members, and between team members.

We will: Perform health screenings at the beginning of each shift for each team member and will not allow sick team members to work. Provide our team members with face coverings that will be worn at all times when serving you.  Equip our team, through training, to be educated and up to date on how to best serve you while maintaining social distancing and heightened respiratory and hand hygiene.

Safe Shopping Your Way
Safety at Delivery
Safety Through Education

We will: Provide a secure website that allows you to view our products, interact with our team, and if desired, purchase online for pickup or delivery.

We will: Provide clean, sanitized delivery vehicles for all deliveries.  Provide contactless delivery with no person-to-person contact with our delivery team.  Observe social distancing at all times, never coming closer than 6 feet.  Equip our delivery team members with face coverings that will be worn during the duration of your delivery, as well as hand sanitizer and disposable gloves for each delivery.  Clean and sanitize delivery vehicles daily, with cab areas sanitized at least every two hours.

We will: Make sure our team is highly trained and knowledgeable.  As always, you’ll find their product knowledge to be the best around, but they’re also participating in the ShopSafe training program, which keeps the team educated on CDC guidance and best practices for a clean and safe shopping environment.